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Director of Applications Engineering

Job Summary:

The successful candidate will oversee and manage Bridgelux’s LM-79 accredited applications laboratory.  The candidate will directly manage applications engineers and test technicians as well as field applications engineers.  The primary roles of the applications laboratory are to support Bridgelux customers needing application assistance and providing sales development support to the Bridgelux salesforce, thus empowering them to win more customers.  Field applications engineers work directly with the salesforce to address customer questions and concerns in real time.

In addition to being an expert in lighting science and lighting applications, the candidate must have strong managerial and organization skills.  The candidate must manage the laboratory on a day-to-day basis, receive and process incoming test requests, assign ownership of various tasks, supervise the execution of those tasks, and write or review all internal and external test reports.

The candidate is also responsible for maintaining the LM-79 accreditation of the lab including the scheduling of routine monitoring activities, periodic equipment calibration, repair of equipment and the successful completion of periodic external audits.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage the Bridgelux applications laboratory
  • Supervise applications engineers, field applications engineers, and test technicians
  • Manage test requests; oversee testing activities and reporting
  • Maintain the LM-79 accreditation of the applications laboratory
  • Support sales development activities as well as provide post-sales customer support
  • Use your expertise in the field of lighting to help shape new product requirements

Job Requirements:

  • BS or advanced degree with 10+ years of lighting industry experience
  • Expertise in lighting science, color science and lighting applications
  • Extensive experience with photometry and other typical lighting tests and equipment, including integrating spheres, photogoniometers, etc.
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and adapt standard testing procedures for unique, real world situations
  • Must have a high level of dedication and commitment to produce results
  • Previous experience managing a team of engineers and technicians
  • Previous experience working in cross-functional teams
  • Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills (internal and customer-facing)
About Bridgelux: 
At Bridgelux, we help companies, industries and people experience the power and possibility of light. Since 2002, we’ve designed solid-state lighting solutions that are high performance, energy efficient, cost effective and easy to integrate. Our patented light source technology produces clean, white LEDs used as the core of commercial and industrial lighting. It's a rapidly growing market, and everything we do is focused on understanding light's impact on human behavior, and delivering products that create better environments and experiences.