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Electrical Engineer, Driver Development

Job Title: Electrical Engineer, Driver Development

Job #1

Job Duties:

  • Design and review new driver designs for LED lamp design. Create technical specifications for LEAD lamp design based on marketing requirements and transferring the specs to external partners.
  • Conduct board level simulations using SPICE for LED drivers to estimate the efficiency, power factor, current/voltage waveforms and other output parameters.
  • Define the technical roadmap for driver product platform including multi-channel output requirements, out power ranges, class-1 Vs class-2, integrated controls and communications, driver-on-board and DC-DC LED drivers. Define realistic price targets and go-to-market timelines.
  • Define design specifications and testing standards with our driver design partners and CMs globally. Conduct initial identification of qualified ODM and CM partners. 
  • Participate in all the manufacturing efforts (BOM, components sourcing) of the driver products with CMs, including the reliability and certifications. This activity includes reviewing designs, testing the prototypes and holding partners to planned timelines. 
  • Build IP around the driver technology.
  • Conduct testing (efficiency, flicker, output powers, CCT and intensity dimming controls and power factor) and documentation (Agile, spec sheet and application notes) of all the data and creation of datasheets.
  • Design integrated LED lamps, including LED die layout, LED driver and controller design. Design AC/DC conversion to achieve the scale and simplicity for volume manufacturing.

Job Requirement: 

  • Master’s in Electrical Engineering plus two years’ experience.  Must be able to perform job tasks, including knowledge of LED lamp design and SPICE simulation.

To apply: Email for Job#1

About Bridgelux: 
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