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Bridgelux on NBC: Navigating the rapids of LED Industry

Don’t Fight the River, Partner With Low Cost Providers: Bridgelux CEO Brad Bullington Discusses the Future of LED Lighting

Bridgelux CEO Brad Bullington sat down with NBC Press: Here news anchor Scott McGrew to discuss the future of LED lighting, Bridgelux’s advantageous vantage point at the “bleeding edge of the curve of the core technology” and how, ultimately, partnering with and leveraging low cost providers, while offering compelling technology and applications, leads to a successful, sustainable business model. Here are some insights gained from the interview:

  • LED lighting has been around since the 1970’s, but it was only a few years ago that the technology became powerful and cheap enough to be applicable to lighting applications
  • While an LED A-19 bulb will be more expensive at the initial purchase,, you will save $7 to $8 a year in energy costs compared to an incandescent. With subsidies that LED bulb is now around $10, so within 12-14 months you will pay back the cost of that LED bulb and enjoy annual savings for years to come.
  • Nothing scales like a semiconductor in terms of cost. As 30-35 billion sockets (or nodes) convert to solid state technology, that tremendous volume will continue to drive down costs which will benefit the consumer.
  • We will begin to see LED bulbs in the sub $10 to $5 dollar range in 60 watt equivalents, and a couple dollars more for 75 and 100 watt equivalents
  • Over the next couple of years we will see a big transition from Mr. Edison’s incandescent light bulbs over to LED lighting as incandescents no longer make the cut economically or in meeting changing energy-efficiency standards around the world

Watch the full interview here.