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Human Centric Lighting

Responsive and Adaptive

We believe that human centric lighting describes characteristics of lighting that are flexible and able to improve life and wellbeing.  This includes the visual perception of illuminated objects, how lighting enhances or affects mood and health, or the ability to easily control and personalize lighting based on our needs and preferences.  In other words, it’s the right light in the right place at the right time.

Examples of this include hospitals that need light to adjust to patient needs, which can improve their sleep to aid the recovery, reduce depression and increase nighttime safety. 

Or hotels that need to adjust lighting based on where the traveler is in their journey.  If someone has been traveling all day, the color temperature of lights can be adjusted to assist on relaxation or to provide stimulation making it easier for the traveler to get some much needed rest or assist with recovering from jetlag.

And even educational or office environments where personalizing lighting can increase visual acuity based on the task at hand or aid in energizing students in the classroom.

Empowering and Future Proof

Tunability goes hand in hand with human centric lighting.

Tunable white and dim-to-warm products enable fixture manufacturers to build adaptable and dynamic lighting solutions with consistent quality of light.  The ambiance of environments such as office, education, healthcare and residential areas where people live, work and learn will be significantly enhanced with lighting tuned to occupants’ needs throughout the day and night.

And as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality, the necessity of having comprehensive solutions that are simple and easy to integrate on a ubiquitous infrastructure such as lighting becomes even greater. 

Based on a single lighting infrastructure, a retail store can both shine high quality of light on their products and track occupancy within their store to better increase the flow of traffic.  An office building that can mimic the natural phenomenon of sunlight throughout the day to improve productivity is now possible.

Lighting is empowering business to make smarter, better, and more aesthetically pleasing decisions.