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Bridgelux is the industry leader in offering COB attached with a build in connector holder called “Vero”. Bridgelux is also manufacturing COB without a holder called “V”. In order to support our customer efficiently use Bridgelux V series COB, we are excited to introduce Bridgelux LED array holders for the V series, VHD series, Vesta Tunable LED array products. This holder design provides unique compression contacts to power the arrays while eliminating the need for hand soldering or expensive Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. 
Easy Installation - The Bridgelux Non-soldering holders reduce installation time and increase connectivity options while lowering costs. The solderless press down connection allows for a standardized manufacturing process and the design flexibility.
Advanced Compatibility - These solder-free holders are available in variable dimensions (recessed space in the back). 4 electrodes is standard to share with Single CCT or Dual CCT COB arrays, enabling new degrees of flexibility in luminaire design optimization. These holders also have a feature for clicking optic lens on the holder.
Customized solutions are available per customer request.
4 built-in electrodes are standard to share with Single CCT or Dual CCT COB arrays
Polarity symbols of connector for easy CoB Array installation
Universal pre-assembly of LED Screw mounting: for screws M3
Zhaga industrial design standard makes it compatible with a wide range of optic lens
Self-explained easy Installation process
Eliminating soldering process lowers the cost of handling and installation of CoB Arrays
Fewer components required per LED chip for proper operation
General lighting to high-end retail luxury applications
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